#MeetRestore: Chris Behnen

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Christopher Behnen

+ Director/Cinematographer
+ Commercial Video Production
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  • When did you start your business? or start with your present company?
    • Thats a more nuanced question that it should be. I started A production company with a highschool friend, Jake LeVoir, in 2009, in 2014 We sold that company and followed it there to work for them full time. In October of 2016 I went off on my own and started my current company.
  • If you are the owner of your company, what is your favorite and least favorite part of being the owner?
    • Favorite, not feeling like my time is owned by someone else, Least favorite, Sales
  • What’s your industry? 
    • Commercial video production
  •  What’s your profession? How long have you been in that business?
    • I am a Director/Cinematographer. 
  • How have you seen this industry change or evolve since you’ve been part of it?
    • The first wedding I shot, was on a VHS tape. I no longer shoot weddings and no longer use VHS’s. If feels like I should be too young to answer a question like this but the way technology changes is insane. 
  • Did you have a backup career, where did you think you were headed, where were you before this?
    •  was going to be an electrical engineer. I loved building things growing up. In college I ended up almost failing some math classes which was a first for me. Math was always my strongest subjects. I realized it was because I was losing interest in the path that engineering was taking me. Simultaneously I was taking a film class for an art credit and had started obsessing over the projects in that class. Thats when I switched my major. 
  • How long have you been in the city, where in the city do you live?
    • I live in Saint Paul. I love it. I have been in Saint Paul for 4 years now. I grew up in Bloomington. 
  • What’s your biggest career regret or mistake and how did you change as a result? 
    • In the fall of 2016 I got fired from my position as creative director of a company I helped start. This was by far the most emotional moment of my professional career. Since then I have started my own production company taking into account many of the pros and cons I saw at my former company. I am incredibly happy to work for myself again. It's where I belong. 
  • What’s your favorite source of inspiration for new ideas?
    • Filmmakers (David Lynch, Igmar Bergman, Terance Malick, Joel and Ethan Coen) Music (Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, Richard Reed Perry) 
  • What’s currently on your most listened to playlist?
    • I listen to albums rather than playlists. Age of Adz by Sufjan.
  • What’s left on your bucket list?
    • Oh man, Lots of traveling, Sweden will hopefully be next. Alinea restaurant in Chicago. 
  • How do you unwind after work?
    • Biking, Cooking, 
  • What is your home away from home?
    • Anywhere in my families boat or on my bike
  • How do you give back to the community & make the world a better place? 
    • I'm going to give a sort of non answer to this in the form of a quote. "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what theworld needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman. This sounds a little self serving on the surface but I believe as humans we were created with an indwelling fire, and when that fire is lit, its natural course is to provide warmth and light to those around us. 
  • What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in life?
    • You never know everything and you never stop learning. 
  • What is one thing you can't live without?
    • According to my mobile data usage, Instagram. Would love to change that. 
  • Do you have a mentor? How did you build a relationship with this person? 
    • I don’t have a mentor, but I do have a handful of very close friendships with some guys that keep me going where I’m headed. 
  • What is your favorite non-work thing to do with your time?
    • Camping, Hiking, biking
  • Who is one of your largest inspirations within your field? Who is your biggest overall role model?
    • Salomon Ligthelm, My Dad
  • What is a future goal of your business?
    • To make a living by never ceasing to push boundaries and experiment. 
  • How has working in community changed your business?
    • It allows me to separate work and life a little better. It also allows me to bounce ideas of those around me, and on a personal level it has helped me grow friendships. 
  • Why did you choose to move into a collaborative working space?
    • I new I couldn't work out of coffee shops the rest of my life. 
  • What is one positive thing that has come from working in a co-working space?
    • See previous two answers
  • What is something (a book, movie, quote, activity, exercise, trip, hobby, etc.) that changed your life and why?
    • "I am briefly troubled over the futile bargain a man makes when he exchanges a small body and a great heart for a large body and hardly any heart at all." -Faulkner.
    • Growing older and your heart growing bigger is not a paradox, it is a necessity for being a decent human being in what can often be a chaotic and confusing world. I want to love people and life more when I’m 80 than I did when I was 8
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